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The Apollos University Tuition Guarantee

10/22/2020 9:24:24 AM

At many universities, tuition increases are common and students often find themselves paying higher and higher tuition and fees rates as they progress through their studies.  When these tuition increases occur, current students are subject to the new rates, and the total cost of their program and the debt they will incur goes up without warning or input.  According to, tuition inflation occurs at an average annual rate of 8% which equates to the cost of college doubling roughly every decade.  It's no wonder that today’s college students are incurring record debt.

At Apollos University, our mission is to ensure that student can achieve their academic goals without incurring debt.  Our low tuition rates and affordable payment options make earning an advanced degree or professional certificate truly accessible.  In recent polling, 92.31% of Apollos Alumni reported incurring no student debt whatsoever and the 7.69% of alumni who did report taking on student debt during their studies reported student debt amounts under $2500.  Imagine earning your degree with no student debt!  This is our mission and we’re making this dream a reality for individuals just like yourself.

At Apollos, though, we take this guarantee one step farther.  Apollos's tuition has remained low throughout our existence, but if we do raise our tuition while you’re a student, you won’t pay an additional penny more.  Your tuition is locked in at your starting rate throughout your studies and, if you choose to continue your education with another degree, you enjoy the same tuition rate that the new program was when you started your first degree or certificate.

That’s the Apollos Tuition Guarantee.

Apply now and lock in your savings today!

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