History & Mission

Apollos University (Apollos) was established with the mission to provide higher education to qualified students that might not be able to attend or afford a traditional university. The University was originally founded in August, 2004 as a non-profit university. Later the non-profit corporation was closed and today’s for-profit corporation was established in May, 2005. The new University was named Apollos University of California with a “doing business as” (DBA) Apollos University.

The University successfully grew and proved itself to be a student centered university. Its first graduation was held in July 2007 and the graduates have all, without exception, made significant improvements in their professional lives based upon the knowledge and encouragement they received from their Apollos University degree programs.

In its continued strive for quality; the Board of Directors authorized the Executive Board to pursue 3rd party accreditation. 

Apollos applied for accreditation in 2010 and received accreditation status in January 2012. The university is now an accredited member of the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). DEAC is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency.

On October 1, 2016, Apollos University closed its office in California and moved to Great Falls, Montana. This move was made in order for Apollos to reside in a state that is a part of the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) association. The current address is as follows.

Apollos University

600 Central Avenue, Suite 215

Great Falls, Montana 59401

Apollos has remained true to its original mission of providing higher education to qualified students via online technologies and mediums. Today, the university has students throughout the United States and Canada, as well as in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Apollos serves working professionals from around the globe who would not be able to leave their jobs to enroll in a traditional, brick and mortar university.


Connecting individuals to career advancing knowledge.

Mission Statement

Apollos University is an academic institution of higher learning that is dedicated to improving lives, to serving the local and global community, and to providing the highest quality education at an affordable tuition rate for students who seek to increase their career advancement opportunities and enhance their leadership skills. Our programs are built on a foundation of knowledge transfer, application of knowledge, critical thinking, and research skills. Apollos’ programs are offered worldwide through an online, distance learning methodology designed to meet the needs of the global student while providing individualized service to our students.

Apollos University Core Values

  • People
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Growth
  • Community

University Goals

  • UG 1. Develop and reinforce leadership skills in its faculty members and students.
  • UG 2. Promote academic scholarship.
  • UG 3. Provide individualized student-centered instruction and services.
  • UG 4. Provide a flexible educational environment.
  • UG 5. Enhance critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, and information literacy skills.
  • UG 6. Inspire faculty and students toward personal and professional development and lifelong learning.
  • UG 7. Provide communities and organizations with skilled and ethically minded leaders. 
  • UG 8. Provide an environment for employees that stimulates and challenges the development of their abilities and that fosters the pursuit of personal growth.
  • UG 9. Maintain a sustainable university that strives to continuously improve the quality of its programs and support services.
  • UG 10. Maintain a university in which the faculty are professionally and academically qualified and dedicated to lifelong learning.
  • UG 11. Promote a workplace culture founded on core values of people, accountability, integrity, respect, growth, and community.


University Objectives

  • UO 1. To provide appropriate instruction resulting in knowledge pertinent to the field of study.
  • UO 2. To maintain an academically qualified faculty dedicated to fulfilling the educational goals of the institution and its students.
  • UO 3. Academic degrees and certificate programs designed to meet the needs and interests of the community it serves.  
  • UO 4. To provide technologies and resources that support the courses of study and enable students to successfully progress through the program.
  • UO 5. To maintain evidence that the education provided is successful in meeting student goals and satisfaction.
  • UO 6. To maintain accreditation and legal authorizations.
  • UO 7. To provide documented support that the institution is effectively achieving its mission through a process of assessment and planning.
  • UO 8.  To maintain a positive workplace culture that encourages employee engagement, professional and personal growth and development, and self-fulfillment.


Apollos University Belief Statements


  • We believe integrity is central to leadership, learning, and life.
  • We believe that the classroom, the workplace, and society are based on respect and accountability.
  • We believe in corporate social responsibility and being ambassadors for Apollos in our individual and collective communities.
  • We believe in individual potential and that all people should be given the opportunity for personal growth and achievement.


Profile of Graduates

Apollos University offers a diverse set of programs at different educational levels and with varied expected outcomes.  Program specific learning outcomes and achievements are documented as Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) for each offering.  Apollos graduates at all levels, however, will be:

  • Proficient in their chosen field or subject matter
  • Confident in their own abilities, skills, and knowledge
  • Advocates for life-long learning and personal growth
  • Advanced practitioners, able to think critically, communicate effectively, research efficiently, and lead equitably
  • Able to communicate and apply their knowledge and skill set and bring value to their lives, their professional endeavors, and their communities
  • Leaders and role models of integrity for others
  • Ambassadors for the university and its community of stakeholders
  • Socially responsible and respectful of others and agents of change in the cause for equality and efficacy
  • Technologically savvy
  • Creative, innovative, literate, accountable, productive, and adaptable
  • Proud of their achievements and hungry for more


University Governance Goals


Based on affirmation of the mission statement, the Board of Directors has adopted the following general academic goals for Apollos University:


  • To serve the intellectual needs and professional aspirations of its students and to contribute to the intellectual and professional vitality of its host communities, and of society at large;
  • To create for its students the environment and programs which help to satisfy current needs and anticipated future ones;
  • To contribute to the preservation, transmission and enlargement of an important segment of the common social and educational heritage, and to foster awareness that organizations, institutions and individuals should be committed to working toward the genuine improvement of the condition of all.


Apollos University is further committed to the following specific university academic guidelines to:


  1. Pursue the highest possible standards of quality while maintaining an open door to opportunity.
  2. Provide an environment which encourages experimentation and innovation on the part of students, faculty, staff and the institution as a whole.
  3. Provide for participation and decision making by students, faculty, staff and community.
  4. Encourage students, faculty, and staff to develop a moral and ethical commitment to themselves, their work, their society and the world.
  5. Operate an institution which ensures cost-effective use of available resources and maintains sound business practices.
  6. Maintain the necessary flexibility to meet the changing educational needs of the communities it serves.
  7. Develop a strong image through public relations, professional conduct and quality educational programs.
  8. Provide an environment for employees who stimulate and challenges the development of their abilities and the pursuit of personal growth while maintaining the goals of the University.
  9. Provide educational programs which are current, relevant and non-repetitious of a student's previous educational experience.
  10. Provide a university in which the faculties are professionally and academically qualified.
  11. Develop systems of administration which provide efficient and effective management while maintaining centralized control and coordination of decentralized operations.




Apollos University was established to provide university level education to individuals who may not have regular access to career advancement programs, or who choose the guided independent study method of learning to achieve career education goals.