Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Information Technology - Degree Requirements

Doctor of Business Administration in Information Technology

School of Business and Management

[DBA-IT] Doctor of Business Administration – Information Technology

The DBA-IT program requires the successful completion of 61 doctoral level credits including the final doctoral project defense.


The DBA-IT student is required to complete a practical research project meeting the rigor of the doctoral level program. The student's Academic Advisor will establish a doctoral project committee which will consist of three individuals: the committee chair and two committee members. These three committee members will work with the student throughout the project. Once the student is allowed to register for RES 9350 – Doctoral Project I, a project proposal is written and submitted to the project chair for review and approval. The proposal will be in the Apollos University format and the two committee members will review and make comments back to the student and the project chair. The student will proceed through the project as they take the RES 9360, RES 9370, and RES 9371 courses. Once the committee approves the completed project, it will then be submitted for final approval by the Provost.


To qualify for graduation with a DBA-IT the student must successfully fulfill all of the following requirements:
  • Fulfill all DBA-IT graduate course requirement (61 Credits)
  • Maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 (B average) or better for all graduate level coursework applying toward the degree.
  • Successfully complete the DBA-IT Doctoral Project (dissertation).
  • Pay all tuition and fees.



For Students with a Non-Business Master’s Degree. 
BUS 5310 Survey of Business Topics (3 Credits – does not count toward 61 required credits)
For Students that have not passed the equivalent of one 3 credit statistics course with a minimum grade of B.
BUS 5324 - Business Statistics and Decision Making (3 Credits – does not count toward 61 required credits.

Core Classes and Seminars (33 Credits)

ADM 8000 - Doctoral Level Success (1 Credits)
ADM 8001 - Mid Program Qualifying Examination (1 Credits)
ADM 8002 - Comprehensive Examination (1 Credits)
BUS 8300 - Corporate Managerial Finance & Accounting (3 Credits)
BUS 8310 - Survey of Global Business Opportunities & Issues (3 Credits)
BUS 8320 - Survey of American Business & its Leaders (3 Credits)
BUS 8340 - Corporate Strategic Planning (3 Credits)
BUS 8350 - Supply Chain Management Design & Operations (3 Credits)
BUS 8371 - Leadership: Concepts & Theories (3 Credits)
BUS 8390 - Project Management (3 Credits)
CIS 9300 - Computers & Internet Applications & Management (3 Credits)
CIS 9301 – IT Service Management (3 Credits)   
CIS 9302 – Software Engineering (3 Credits)
CIS 9303 – IT Auditing (3 Credits)
CIS 9304 – Leading IT Innovations (3 Credits)
RES 9311 - Fundamentals of Business Research (3 Credits)
RES 9312 - Advanced Study in Research Methods (3 Credits)

Doctoral Research Seminars (6 Credits)

DOC 8001 - Doctoral Research Seminar I APA Workshop (1.5 Credits)
DOC 8002 - Doctoral Research Seminar II Research Methodology Overview (1.5 Credits)
DOC 8003 - Doctoral Research Seminar III Doctoral Plan (Proposal) (1.5 Credits)
DOC 8004 - Doctoral Research Seminar IV Doctoral Plan (Dissertation) (1.5 Credits
Doctoral Dissertation Project (10 Credits)

RES 9350 - Doctoral Dissertation Project I (3 Credits)
RES 9360 - Doctoral Dissertation Project II (3 Credits)
RES 9370 - Doctoral Dissertation Project III (3 Credits)
RES 9371 - Oral Presentation (1 Credit)