Tuition and Fees

Yearly Rate Comparison

Apollos is truly one of the most affordable Universities in the USA. Compare our tuition rates against any other college or university and see for yourself how we compare.

Average yearly cost of tuition and fees for year 2019-2020.

Degree Level

Apollos University


Private Non-Profit





MBA(Master of Business Administration)




MSOM(Master of Science in Organizational Mgt)








**Apollos University provides textbooks and proctors at no cost to the student.

Public and
Private Non-Profit data derived from:


The student registers for classes each term and is responsible for payment of their tuition associated with those classes no later than the first day before the classes are scheduled to start. 


Tuition Per Credit Hour

Ed. Partner Program (EPP) Per Credit Hour

Undergraduate Programs











Doctoral Programs



Undergrad Certificates



Graduate Certificates



Post Graduate Certificates




NOTE: Only one reduced program or scholarship can be used.
The following chart shows the estimated total cost per degree program and cost per certificate cost. The estimated cost includes the Application Fee, Library Fee, and Graduation Fee for each degree program and certificate program.

Estimated Total Program Cost 



Ed. Partner Program (EPP) 

Associate of Science




Bachelor of Science in Business Administration




Bachelor of Science in Information Technology




Undergrad Certificates




Graduate Certificates




Postgraduate Certificates




Master of Business Administration




Master of Science in Organizational Mgt




Doctoral Programs




Estimated Total Program Cost includes Application Fee, Library Fee, and Graduation Fee.



E-book textbooks/course materials are provided without charge for each class unless specified as part of a special offer or specified in the class/program.


In specific Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence classes, Textbooks will be purchased by student so they will have them in their professional library (Estimated cost is $1500).


Students on a Program Enrollment Agreement pay for classes as they register to take them. Therefore, students are responsible each term for the classes and fees they register to take. Also, the tuition per credit quoted for the degree in which the student applies will not change during the student’s time at Apollos unless the student leaves or is removed from the program and then reapplies at a later time.


If the student finds he/she must cancel their Enrollment Agreement, a one time registration fee of 20% of the applicable tuition (maximum $200) will be charged if the student does not cancel the Enrollment Agreement within the first 5 days of the first day of class. See the “Student’s Right to Cancel the Enrollment” section of the Apollos Catalog for details.


E-book textbook codes are provided to the student without charge via the Apollos Textbook Grant.  The student is responsible for working with the E-book company if there is an issue with the downloading of the e-book or the code provided.



The following fees and charges are cost that students may incur beyond the basic tuition cost for specific degree programs.  Fees are charged when services are rendered.  


Mandatory Fees Incurred by All Students:


*Application Fee



*One Time Apollos Library Fee



*Registration Fee (20% of Tuition)


Note 1

Graduation Fee



Certificate Program Award Fee



* Indicates fees that are non-refundable
**VA and Active-Duty Military are not charged
NOTE 1: Maximum of $200 if class is dropped after 7 days


Additional Fees Students May Incur:

 Leave of Absence       $50

*International Transcript Evaluation


*Credit Transfer Fee


*Challenge Exam


 Late Registration $25

Re-Enrollment Fee to University/Program


*Additional Transcript Fee


*Overseas Shipping – Actual Cost


*Bank Wire Fee (Incoming and Outgoing)


*Change of Program Fee


*2 Week Course Extension Fee


*Returned Check Fee


*California STRF Fee per $1000 Dollars Paid



* Indicates fees that are non-refundable