Certificate in IT Security

This certificate program will provide participants with knowledge that allows them to increase their potential to gain employment in a high paying profession.

Certificate in IT Security Program Objectives:

Upon completion of the Certificate, the student will be able to: 

  • Demonstrate the ability to successfully study and produce academic work at the undergraduate level.
  • Apply IT security principles to protect data for individuals and organizations.
  • Gain an understanding of computer architecture and to gain insights on how computer hardware and software function.
  • Explain the fundamentals computer networks.
  • Apply networking principles to manage communications among computers.


Credits Required: 12 Credits/4 Courses (Typical length of study: 24 weeks) 

  1. Orientation (0 Credits)
  2. CIS 1301 Computers and Technology (3 Credits)
  3. BUS 3304 Information Systems Management (3 Credits)
  4. CIT 2303 Fundamentals of Networking (3 Credits)
  5. CIT 3304 Information Technology Security (3 Credits)