Proctoring, Student ID, Grading and Credit Hour Policies

Proctored Final, DBA Mid-Program Qualifying, and Program Comprehensive Exams

Apollos provides an online proctoring system that allows students to take their proctored exams when they are ready to do so. However, if accommodations are necessary, a pre-approved proctor can physically sit in the room with the student during the exam. The DBA mid-program qualifying and program comprehensive examinations are administered to the student using one of the two proctoring systems. Additionally, selected final class examinations are also proctored in order to measure a student’s mastery of the subject matter and to help ensure academic integrity. Proctored courses are chosen from required core or major courses and students are notified of proctored exams through the course syllabus.

The student will be required to present a government identification card that has a picture of the student. The proctor will verify the picture of the student in the Apollos University Administrative System (ATLAS) matches both the individual taking the exam and the picture on the government identification card. The requirement and procedure for taking proctored examinations is identified in the Official Catalog, Orientation Program textbook, and Student Handbook.  The online proctoring system is provided free of charge to the student policy and nomination form for obtaining a physical proctor is also located in the Procedures and Forms Library which is found in the Resources Center.  If a physical proctor session is required, final instructions are emailed to the proctor before the exam is administered.

All students will have coursework evaluated and reported by the faculty using letter grades or administrative symbols and are included in the student’s grade point average as appropriate.

Grade Symbols:

A            Outstanding performance
B            Above average performance
C            Average performance
D            Below average performance
F            No Credit
IP           In Progress (Only valid for the doctoral program dissertation classes)

Administrative Symbols:

AU:        Audit / No Credit
I:            Incomplete Grade
W:          Official Withdrawal from course.
NC:        No credit
P:           Pass
S:           Satisfactory
U:           Unsatisfactory

Graduate Level Course Grade Requirement

Graduate students must achieve a minimum of 80% in each class or retake the class.  When the graduate student retakes the class, the higher of the two grades is recorded on the transcript.  The student must pay to retake the class the second time.

Apollos Grade Point Average (GPA) Grading Scale:

 APOLLOS Grading Scale
 100-90 A 4.00
 89-80 B 3.00
 79-70 C 2.00
 69-60 D 1.00
 59 or < F 0.00

End of Course Grading Policy

The faculty will finalize grades 72 hours after the end of the term and provide notification to the students and the Registrar that the grades are finalized.  The Registrar then imports the grades into the student’s transcript.  The classes are closed 2 weeks after the end of the term.  Students have 120 days from the last day of the term to file a grade grievance if the student feels a mistake was made.  Grade grievances will not be accepted once the 120 day period has ended.  Classes are deleted 240 days after the end of the term. 

Credit Hour Policy

Credit hours shall be equivalent to the commonly accepted and traditionally defined units of academic measurement in accredited institutions.  Academic credit-bearing distance learning courses are normally measured by the learning outcomes normally achieved through 45 hours of student study for one credit per term. This formula is used by the American Council on Education in its Credit Recommendation Evaluative Criteria, which states, “normally, academic credit is assigned on the basis of one semester credit hour for each 15 classroom contact hours plus 30 hours of outside preparation or equivalent.”