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Degrees Offered

University Calendar (Details)

Apollos University operates year round and has new terms starting every Monday; call toll free at 406-604-4300 or 1-844-476-5567 for more information. The University Administrative Offices are closed for two weeks during the Christmas and New Year Holidays each year. Please see the detailed University Calendar for more details.

General Information: (Details)

Administrative Office Hours: Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain Time Zone (Montana).

Technical Support and General Information:

Faculty Office Hours: Faculty Office Hours are posted in the individual classrooms.

Advisement: Mentors are available year round via email, Instant Message (IM), telephone, or by appointment.

Assignments are due on the last day of each session or week during the term.

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Summary of Assessment Ratios

Graduation Rate

Overall graduation rate for all degree programs:  73.81%

Percentage of Students Surveyed who Responded

Job Indicators:

Received job promotion or salary increase: 62.5%

Gained salary increase as a result: 52%

Gained a new job as a result: 12.5%

Student Satisfaction:

Student satisfaction with Apollos curriculum: 98.65%

Student who would recommend Apollos to a friend: 100%

Students who feel they are achieving their academic goals: 100%

Students satisfied with faculty instructional quality: 98.04%