Student Integrity & Academic Honesty Policy

Academic Honesty

Apollos University is both an American and an international university. However, Apollos students, American or international, must abide by American standards of academic and scholastic conduct. Any student found participating in any form of academic dishonesty will be reviewed by the Provost. Penalties include a warning, academic probation, loss of scholarship or funding, failing grade for assignment, course, and/or term, and expulsion.



Plagiarism is a very specific form of Academic Dishonesty and will not be tolerated at Apollos University. Plagiarism is the act of claiming as one’s own work the work of another. Any form of paraphrasing or copying from another source without the use of proper citations is plagiarism and is an academic crime. Apollos students are not to upload any materials into the Discussion Questions or Course Research Projects without the use of proper citation techniques. Professors and classroom facilitators are empowered to fail any student found guilty of plagiarism for either the one assignment, or if the case is severe or repeated, for the entire course and should then report the student to the Provost and the student will be placed on academic probation. Students who persist or who violate the plagiarism policy more than once will be expelled from the university.


Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

Apollos University adheres strictly to the copyright law of the United States which prohibits the making or reproduction of copyrighted material except under certain specified conditions. Acts of copyright infringement include, but are not limited to, misusing copyrighted material in one’s coursework and misusing material for which the institution owns the copyright (i.e., web site materials, course materials, publications, etc.). The professors are instructed on ways to check for copyright abuses and must report infractions to the provost for disciplinary action up to and including withdrawal from the University for repeated offences.


Students are expected to respect the intellectual property rights of Apollos materials/processes, other students, peers, faculty, and staff. Likewise, Apollos is committed to ensuring the original work of a student is protected as intellectual property that is owned by the student that produced the material. Faculty, staff, and other students are expected to honor the intellectual property rights of each student and will be held accountable if they use a student’s original material without obtaining permission or for not providing the proper reference for the original material. Please review the section on Academic Honesty for more information.