Method Of Payment

Students paying for tuition or fees and individuals wanting to pay for a Bookstore item or for a student's tuition may pay through the following methods: 

NOTE: Please use the "Note" section of the payment screen to provide us with information about what or who you are paying for.

Personal and Certified Checks should be mailed to the following address.  Please indicate the classes or fees you are paying for in the Remarks section of the check. It is advisable to scan a copy of the check and either email it to or FAX it to 1(866) 287-1938.  

Apollos University
Attn: Finance
600 Central Avenue, Suite 215
Great Falls, MT 59401

International Money Orders Mailed to Apollos: If the student uses the international money orders, a copy of the money order and registered mail receipt can be faxed to AU office (FAX Telephone number: 1 (866) 287-1938) and the student will be enrolled in the courses. Apollos reserves the right to remove the student from the class/program if payment is not received within two (2) weeks after the start of the semester.  NOTE: If you pay tuition or fees directly to an Apollos representative, the representative is required to provide you with a signed receipt.  Ensure that you keep this receipt in your records.  Please contact if you have any questions.  NOTE: There is a $25 fee that must be added to the amount of tuition/fees paid via a international money order.