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The Apollos University Tuition Guarantee

10/22/2020 9:24:24 AM

At many universities, tuition increases are common and students often find themselves paying higher and higher tuition and fees rates as they progress through their studies.  When these tuition increases occur, current students are subject to the new rates, and the total cost of their program and the debt they will incur goes up without warning or input.  According to, tuition inflation occurs at an average annual rate of 8% which equates to the cost of college doubling roughly every decade.  It's no wonder that today’s college students are incurring record debt.

At Apollos University, our mission is to ensure that student can achieve their academic goals without incurring debt.  Our low tuition rates and affordable payment options make earning an advanced degree or professional certificate truly accessible.  In recent polling, 92.31% of Apollos Alumni reported incurring no student debt whatsoever and the 7.69% of alumni who did report taking on student debt during their studies reported student debt amounts under $2500.  Imagine earning your degree with no student debt!  This is our mission and we’re making this dream a reality for individuals just like yourself.

At Apollos, though, we take this guarantee one step farther.  Apollos's tuition has remained low throughout our existence, but if we do raise our tuition while you’re a student, you won’t pay an additional penny more.  Your tuition is locked in at your starting rate throughout your studies and, if you choose to continue your education with another degree, you enjoy the same tuition rate that the new program was when you started your first degree or certificate.

That’s the Apollos Tuition Guarantee.

Apply now and lock in your savings today!

Launch of new Health and Wellness Management System

9/22/2020 9:24:40 AM

Dr. Nischal Chandra, Chair, IT Department, and Chief AI Officer at Apollos University announces the launch of a new Health and Wellness Management System as part of the ongoing enhancements to the Cognitive Emergency Management System (CEMS).  The Center for Artificial Intelligence Research at Apollos University’s Information Technology Department created the AI-based, self-managing system to address the risk to its human resources and operations which contributed to business continuity.  The medical component was originally designed to identify and communicate risk cases of COVID-19 for the university’s global staff and faculty members.  Since then, under the strategic leadership of its reinforcement learning system, the CEMS has self-organized and evolved into the Heath and Wellness Management System (HWMS).

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Apollos University Student Spotlight: Betty Gil—Doctoral Candidate, Role Model, Success Story

9/16/2020 11:07:36 AM

Betty Gil, a Doctorate of Business Administration student at Apollos University, recently completed her end of program qualifying exams and has entered the “all but dissertation” phase of the program. Along with this academic achievement, Betty was also recently promoted to Regional Director at Northwell Health. Congratulations Betty! This promotion is one of several recent advancements as Betty, after a long, progressive professional career, joined Northwell as a Supervisor 4 years ago, was promoted to Practice Management, and then Senior Administrative Manager. Of all these achievements, Betty attributes her professional success to her academic accomplishments and that “dedication, integrity, drive, and commitment” are all components of her success. Betty also stated that she believes these same attributes can “deliver a success story” for others as well.  

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Apollos University and Westcliff University collaborating to provide pathways to affordable and regionally accredited bachelor degrees.

8/27/2020 9:53:25 AM

Students can now gain a truly affordable regionally accredited Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) or Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT). Students study online for the first 3 years as students of Apollos University and then the fourth (4) year as students of Westcliff University either online or on campus. Westcliff is approved under the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) to accept eligible foreign students to obtain a student visa to live in the USA while studying with Westcliff University during the final year of the degree program.

Undergraduate Tuition Per Credit: 

Apollos University: During the first three years, the student will pay $202 per credit (e-Textbooks provided without cost to the student - study online for three years)

Westcliff University: During the fourth year the student will pay $450 per credit ($490 for International {F-1} students) for the year 2020-2021 - study online or on-campus for final year)

Apollos University has open enrollment. New classes start almost every Monday of the year. During the first three years of the BSBA program, students will complete their General Education and business classes such as Accounting, Finance, Leadership, Marketing, Program Management, Banking and Finance Services Management, and Procurement and Supply Chain Apollos University Management. At Westcliff University, the students will further their overall business knowledge with classes in Entrepreneurship, Sales Management, Advertising, Decision Making, and Strategy.

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Maximum transfer of credit to help complete your degree

8/11/2020 3:47:27 PM

Apollos University is an academic institution of higher learning that is dedicated to improving lives, to serving the local and global community, and to providing the highest quality education at an affordable tuition rate for students who seek to increase their career advancement opportunities and enhance their leadership skills. Our programs are built on a foundation of knowledge transfer, application of knowledge, critical thinking, and research skills. Apollos’ programs are offered worldwide through an online, distance learning methodology designed to meet the needs of the global student while providing individualized service to our students.

Sometimes life gets in the way of our plans. Do you have college credits? Did you start a degree program in business, leadership, or Information Technology and not complete it? If so, contact us and let us help you reach your academic goal.

Apollos University can review your previous college transcripts and can potentially transfer up to 54 out of 60 credits for the AAS in Business, 108 out of 120 credits for the BSBA and BSIT, 28 out of 37 credits for the MBA and MSOM, and 25 out of 61 credits for the Doctor of Business Administration.

Apollos is truly one of the most affordable Universities in the USA. Compare our tuition rates against any other college or university and see for yourself how we compare.

Average yearly cost per tuition and fees for the year 2019-2020.

Degree Level

Apollos University


Private Non-Profit













Public and Private Non-Profit data derived from

Apollos University also provides textbooks and proctor exams without any cost to the student; this is a huge saving on top of the low tuition rates. Additionally, Apollos University also offers payment plans that help students manage their budgets so they can accomplish their goals.

If you are a Veteran, Apollos University is also approved to teach Veterans and their families. Dr. George Conley Jr. and Dr. Paul Eidson are retired military and manage the Veteran program at Apollos. Having firsthand knowledge of the military and Veteran benefits, both understand your needs and will work with you throughout the program. They can be reached at 1-406-799-1515 or

This is what our students and graduates say about our programs, tuition, and dedicated faculty/staff.

Babak, MBA student: "I would like to thank the wonderful staff and administration for their caring and hard work. It is greatly appreciated." Babak Akbar-Khanzadeh, MBA Student

Mike, MSOM Student: "So far Apollos has been fantastic. From the instructors to the administration, to the support staff -- everyone has been supremely helpful. College can be stressful, but Apollos really has mitigated that stress to a great degree while providing an excellent education. I could not be happier with my choice in schools and I am looking forward to my next class!"

Dr. Maloney, DBA: "Upon graduating from Apollos my employer gave me a sizeable raise. Within 6 months they also created a position to promote me and gave me another raise, largely due to the benefits to the organization from my dissertation. I was also given multiple international travel opportunities at work to evaluate our overseas operations, author reports, and implement my recommendations. My employer is a market leader who has used my research to set strategic global direction. My success since graduating is a reflection of the interaction and mentoring, I received from staff and fellow students."

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