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Apollos launches 3d VR Metaverse professional development course

1/4/2022 1:03:01 PM

Apollos University is proud to announce the launching of a 3d VR metaverse education program. The first offering with will be a professional development course in “Artificial Intelligence for Business Leaders” through the University’s exceedingly engaging platform.  Apollos University is presently diversifying regarding its product offerings and embracing the metaverse concept.  Apollos has been testing and utilizing metaverse technologies within its own business operations/collaborations with respect to its global workforce, and the results are mind-blowing. Working and learning in an online 3d immersive environment has resulted in tremendous improvement in employee engagement, learning, experience, and productivity.  Dr. Jae Maloney, Head of the Distance Learning XR and AI project at Apollos, stated, “we are entering an era where technology will bring us closer together, instantly, and profoundly improve education and business operations forever.”

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