Preparing to Apply

Financial aid applicants should ensure that they, their parent(s), or spouse have filed their federal income tax return(s) for the appropriate year prior to completing their FAFSA. This will allow students and prospective students to use the IRS Data Retrieval Process when completing the FAFSA. This tool will save you time and increase the accuracy of your FAFSA information. The IRS Data Retrieval tool is also the fastest and most secure solution for meeting verification requirements, if applicable.

Programs Not Eligible for Federal Student Aid at Apollos
Students must be enrolled in an eligible program at Apollos to receive Federal Student Aid (FSA). Programs listed below are not eligible for FSA.
  • Certificate Programs
Standard Term Enrollment
Students using Federal Student Aid (FSA) must enroll in Standard Term Enrollment Programs. Apollos Standard Term Program courses have set start and end dates coinciding with the academic term calendar. This enrollment option gives you the flexibility to complete assignments on your schedule while working within set weekly due dates. A Standard Term Classes lasts eight weeks. Weekly, substantive interaction is required through submission of discussion questions and other assignment types.  Discussion assignments are due by mid-week. All other weekly assignments are due by Sunday each week. All assignments are due by midnight Mountain Standard Time (MST) on the respective day.
For more information about the Term Enrollment System, please visit the University catalog.
Attendance Policy
Apollos will verify your attendance in each registered course at the end of the first week. The Verify Enrollment discussion must be submitted to verify attendance. All Week I assignments are due by the end of week one to receive credit.  Students who choose not to attend the first week will be institutionally dropped from the course.
Dropping or Withdrawing from Courses
Dropping or withdrawing from courses can affect a student’s enrollment status which, in turn, affects eligibility for FSA. If a student’s status drops below half-time because of a drop or withdrawal during the term, the student may become ineligible for Federal Student Loans, including funds that may have already been disbursed for the term. For further information, review the Official Course Drop/Withdrawal Policy in the Academic Policies section of the Student Handbook.
Incomplete Course 
Should circumstances prevent regular, on-time course completion, within the term period, students have the option to request an Incomplete or withdraw from the course.

Academic and financial consequences should be noted when withdrawing from a course beyond the first week of the term period.
Students are advised to review the Course Drop/Withdrawal Policy and the Incomplete Course Policy in the Student Handbook; in addition, academic advisement should be sought.

Applying for Federal Student Aid

New students wishing to enroll at Apollos for the first time using Federal Student Aid (FSA) should complete the steps listed below at least four weeks before the last day of registration. Please note that some student applications for financial aid take longer to process than others as a result of factors beyond Apollos’ control. Students who do not receive their aid award by the last day of registration will need to pay out-of-pocket or delay registration to a future term.
1.Apply for Admission
Complete your application into Apollos University.
Please check the box indicating that you desire to use Federal Financial Aid as your payment method.
If you need assistance with obtaining your official transcripts, Apollos can obtain transcripts on your behalf. We will contact the prior colleges and/or universities you've attended to secure all the transcripts needed to make sure you receive maximum transfer credit.
You may download the following form to start processing your transcript request(s): Request for Official Transcript Form.
2.Complete the FAFSA Form
Fill out and submit the FAFSA form. Make certain to indicate the APOLLOS school code of XXXXXXX on the FAFSA.  If you have already completed a FAFSA, retrieve it and add the Apollos school code.

Monitor your email for important notifications concerning your financial aid application. The Apollos Office of Financial Aid will contact you with next steps, required documentation, and other information.
If you have any questions about applying for FSA, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at or 406-199-1515 or 844-476-5547.
3.Log-in to Your ATLAS Profile
Once your application is processed and all official transcripts received and evaluated, you will receive an email containing a list of potential transfer credits (if applicable), Program Enrollment Agreement, along with instructions to complete the financial aid process in your ATLAS Profile. All forms, transcripts and other required documents submitted to Apollos University will become the property of the University and will not be forwarded to another institution or returned to the student.
4.Submit Term Enrollment Agreement
Once you have completed all the necessary steps within your Profile and are ready to submit your file for review, you will be reminded to digitally sign your Program Enrollment Agreement. Although your file will be reviewed and confirmed without this form being submitted, you will need to submit it prior to the end of the registration period. In the event you later decide to cancel your enrollment, you may do so without penalty prior to the end of the drop period.