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Apollos University Announces June 2022 Tuition Increase

3/14/2022 12:18:43 PM

Dear Apollos Students,

Apollos is dedicated to our mission of truly affordable higher education degrees and certificates.  However, to meet rising costs while continuing to improve our services Apollos University leadership has made the difficult decision to approve a tuition increase that will go into effect June 1, 2022.   

As a current student, you qualify for the Apollos Tuition Guarantee, meaning your current tuition rate will not increase as long as you are an active student.  

To continue to qualify for the Apollos Tuition Guarantee and maintain your status as an active student you must meet the following deadlines and criteria:

Active Students

1. No action required other than to continue in your chosen degree or certificate program.

*An active student is currently enrolled in 1 or more courses and actively working toward program completion

**Students currently on a Leave of Absence are eligible for the Apollos Tuition Guarantee so long as they resume their studies in accordance with the deadline stipulated on their approved Leave of Absence.  Students who wish to resume their studies after their Leave of Absence return date will be subject to the tuition rates and fees listed in the catalog as of their return date.

New Applicants and Existing Applicants who have delayed their start date

By May 16, 2022, 12:00 midnight MDT (Mountain Daylight Time) Applicants must:

1. Complete and submit the online application for admissions (linked here: Apollos University - Apply Online

By May 31, 2022, midnight MDT (Mountain Daylight Time) students must:

2. Complete the Apollos Orientation

3. Register for the first degree or certificate appropriate course as indicated in the Apollos Orientation

4. Make the first payment in accordance with the selected and agreed upon payment option

*Applicants who do not complete the required actions prior to the deadlines will be subject to the June 1, 2022 tuition rate and fee structure.

We advise you to complete these processes at your earliest convenience and maintain your status as an active student to ensure that you will be able to continue at Apollos under the May 2022 tuition rate and fee structure.

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