Certificate in E-Commerce Development

This certificate program will provide participants with knowledge that allows them to increase their potential to gain employment in a high paying profession.

Certificate in E-Commerce Development Program Objectives:

Upon completion of the Certificate, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to successfully study and produce academic work at the undergraduate level.
  • Apply the fundamentals of computer organization and architecture.
  • Gain an understanding of computer architecture and to gain insights on how computer hardware and software function. 
  • Demonstrate the application of web development with client-server applications and security. 
  • Predict current trends in E-Commerce and develop plans using the predictions. 


Credits Required: 12 Credits/4 Courses (Typical length of study: 24 weeks) 

  1. Orientation (0 Credits)
  1. CIS 1301 Computers and Technology (3 Credits)
  2. BUS 3304 Information Systems Management (3 Credits)
  3. CIT 3301 Web Development (3 Credits)
  4. CIT 4302 E-Commerce Programming (3 Credits)