Postgraduate Certificate in Managerial Finance and Accounting

The postgraduate certificate in managerial finance and accounting will provide participants with knowledge and credentials that allows them to increase their potential to gain employment in a high paying profession.

Postgraduate Certificate in Managerial Finance and Accounting Program Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate the ability to successfully study and produce academic work at the postgraduate level.
  • Employ the necessary steps to maximize profits within their organization.
  • Assess managerial finance decisions from a theoretical and practical perspective.
  • Assess emerging trends, strategic challenges, regulatory constraints, competition, strategic planning, maximization of corporate value, and distribution and strategic diversification.
  • Compose international financial management to include various types of international monetary systems, balance of payment concepts, and international types of corporate governance structures. 


Credits Required: 12 Credits/4 Courses (Typical length of study: 24 weeks) 

  • Orientation (0 Credits)
  • BUS 5322 Managerial Finance (3 Credits)
  • BUS 8300 Corporate Managerial Finance and Accounting (3 Credits)
  • BUS 8340 Corporate Strategic Planning (3 Credits)
  • BUS 8381 International Finance (3 Credits)